Growing into Eternity

Loving my mom’s new blog and had to share. Great perspectives from a Queen BOOMER: caregiving for elderly parents, resources, and pure food for the spirit. Enjoy! And don’t forget to contact us if you’d like to start your own blog 🙂

A-B-C's of Caregiving

Growing into Eternity “Growing into Eternity”

One day my friend sat with my mom in the doctor’s waiting room. Later she shared their conversation:

Mom:     Oh boy, I knew my life was over when I couldn’t drive anymore.

Friend:   Oh, yes, it must be so difficult in Florida, since everything revolves around the car. In New York things are so much closer.

Mom:      Mmm mmm, now I’m stuck in the house doing nothing. It’s the end of my life.

Friend:   But, Ma’am, as believers our life doesn’t end. We move right into eternity. Just think about it. In this special time of your life God draws you closer to Him readying you for what he has planned in the future!

Mom:      I never saw it like that before.

Friend:   Yes, we all sow seeds in this life that will come to full growth as we go on…

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