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F. Ottomanelli Burgers Named ‘Best Entree’ at Taste of Queens!

Abstract Marketing developed the social media marketing campaign for F. Ottomanelli’s Burgers and Belgian Fries, and is proud to have been spreading the word about the “Freshest Burgers” in the business since its doors opened in… Continue reading

5 Days Left: #StyleUPYourStay Hotel Deals in NYC & Prague

Kathy Leichter and HERE ONE DAY Featured in National Publication!

Abstract Marketing congratulates Kathy Leichter and the production team for HERE ONE DAY on their first national print feature—inclusion in the Spring 2012 cover story for BP Hope Magazine! We believed the BP… Continue reading

The Aria Hotel, Prague ~ Billie Holiday meets Bendrich Smetana

The 5-star Aria Hotel reigns supreme as a “musical haven for lovers of luxury and the arts.” Each of the Aria’s 52 rooms are uniquely inspired by a famous musician or composer. Framed images with… Continue reading

“I know you want me” – Marketing to the Latino Consumer

This week’s Inside the Mind (of a Marketing Intern) by Edgar A. Garrido Multicultural advertising campaigns are on the rise and for good reason. Everywhere you turn you see a Multicultural ad hoping to… Continue reading

HERE ONE DAY: new doc to explore mother’s bipolar disorder and suicide

Here One Day is a really powerful documentary I am proud to be working on that is ALMOST FINISHED! We’re launching a Kickstarter Campaign on May 2nd, THIS MONDAY, to raise $25,000 and… Continue reading

CJ’s Vintage Clothing NYC – When ♡Fan Met #Follower

A fun event we hosted for Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing NYC this March. Fans and Followers were invited to strike a pose in their favorite Cheap Jack’s Vintage looks and enjoy the special… Continue reading