HERE ONE DAY: new doc to explore mother’s bipolar disorder and suicide

photo by Kirsten Johnson

Here One Day is a really powerful documentary I am proud to be working on that is ALMOST FINISHED! We’re launching a Kickstarter Campaign on May 2nd, THIS MONDAY, to raise $25,000 and finish the film in time for an important screening with the American Psychiatric Association’s 63rd Institute on Psychiatric Services. Also, we must finish editing in time for The Sundance Film Festival deadline this fall. The pressure is on!

 HERE ONE DAY tells the story of my amazing colleague Kathy Leichter and her mom’s bout with bipolar disorder and eventual suicide. Shattering long-held silences and opening new doors to overstanding, this film was shot by last year’s winner of the Excellence in Cinematography Award at The Sundance Film Festival. Peep the trailer at and please help spread the word!